Tampa, FL: Sulphur Springs Elementary School

Frameworks of Tampa Bay Inc., is a non-profit organization located in Tampa, FL whose mission is to teach youth to manage their emotions, develop healthy relationships, and make good decisions for academic, career and personal success.  In 2012, Frameworks decided to sharpen its mission's focus by using evidence-based programs to implement with the schools and other non-profit organizations with whom they partner.  Frameworks provides direct service programming,  training, and coaching support for schools and non-profits who are interested in supporting social and emotional learning for their youth.  The PATHS® program is the social and emotional learning program that Frameworks uses for the elementary students it serves.  This is the first year that the PATHS® program is being implemented on a full scale in one entire elementary school in the Sulphur Springs area of Tampa.  The implementation is being supported by a Frameworks SEL coach, Masa Mochizuki.

At Sulphur Springs Elementary school, teachers, administrators, and support staff have been trained and are doing an excellent job with PATHS® Kid of the day, teaching lessons, and reinforcing all the key concepts throughout the school.  There are 650 students in the school from Headstart to Grade 5.  When planning for the PATHS® program implementation, Principal Julie Scardino said, "PATHS® is the missing piece to help our students succeed".  Principal Scardino recognizes the need for her students to learn how to manage their emotions and become good problem solvers.  The YMCA afterschool program serves about 250 Sulphur Springs students and also is teaching PATHS® lessons and supporting students' emotion awareness and management, building positive relationships, and making good decisions.  The YMCA is also assisting with engaging parents with the PATHS® program by hosting monthly dinner and dialogue events that focus on supporting their child's social and emotional development as well as other important school related topics. 

Frameworks is eager to see the results that will come from the pre and post program assessment of the mini-DESSA, a tool that has teachers assess each child's social and emotional skills.  These results will connect with and feed into an overall evaluation plan for the Sulphur Springs neighborhood initiative to improve student attendance, academic scores, parent engagement, and social emotional learning.

Scenes from around Sulphur Springs Elementary School: