PATHS® Training

At PATHS® Education Worldwide we feel that all PATHS® curriculum users deserve a high quality training to effectively implement the PATHS® curriculum. PATHS® training can be obtained on-site at your school or agency, or at a centralized location. PATHS® training focuses on active learning so that one experiences and practices lessons and skills that will make your implementation both engaging and successful.

PATHS® implementation is most successful when there is strong principal, administrative and parent support. As a result it is important for principals and other support staff to attend trainings with their staff.

How long is training? Workshop usually last two days and are limited to 30 participants. The training days can either be consecutive or conducted in a sequence; first there is an introductory day, followed by teacher use of beginning lessons and skills, and then a second day is held 4-8 weeks later.

For specific information on your training needs, contact our training coordinator, Dorothy Morelli.

PATHS® Training & Trainers

We have a diverse team of professional trainers in the US and throughout the world. There are three levels of trainers. 

PATHS® Master Trainers have extensive experience both using and training with the PATHS® curriculum. All Master Trainers also have advanced degrees in education, psychology, human development or a related field, with direct experience in prevention, classroom management, social and emotional learning in schools and communities. Master Trainers work with and certify PATHS® Education Worldwide Certified and Affiiliate trainers and local coaches.  

PATHS® Certified Trainers are experienced trainers who have worked in many different areas of implementation.  These trainers have progressed through the affiliate trainer model and conduct workshops in most contexts.  They also participate in on-going professional development.

PATHS® Affiliate Trainers are experienced, high quality trainers who are fully competent to provide training in the PATHS® curriculum and PreK/K curriculum to their local educational/mental health entity.  PATHS® affiliate trainers continue to work with PATHS® Master Trainers.    

PATHS® Education Worldwide trainers are dedicated to individualizing workshops in order to create a relevant, meaningful, and practical experience for teachers, administrator and other staff. Our workshop satisfaction ratings are very high and participants report that they gain new insights, learn new skills they can “use the next day”, feel prepared to implement the PATHS® curriculum, and leave with a renewed enthusiasm for their work.

PATHS® Education Worldwide does not employ “train the trainer” models as we believe that trainers should be highly qualified and have at least four years of experience and training before training others. Thus, the PATHS® Education Worldwide training model is to train teachers directly, rather than through insufficiently trained and experienced intermediaries.

Consultation and Coaching

PATHS® Education Worldwide also provides continuing technical assistance through consultation and coaching. Consultation and coaching can be scheduled and occurs by onsite visits, phone and email. We encourage regular coaching, booster visits and additional professional development trainings in subsequent years. Each training/consultation model is individually tailored to each site.