PATHS® Master Trainers

We have a diverse team of professional trainers in the US and throughout the world.  All trainers also have advanced degrees in education, psychology, human development or a related field, with direct experience in prevention, classroom management, social and emotional learning in schools and communities.   To find out more about PATHS® Training and Consultation, click here.


All PATHS® Education Worldwide master trainers and consultants have a high level of experience and outstanding evaluations.  They have consultation experience with large implementation and research projects.  They work with and certify PATHS® Education Worldwide certified and affiiliate trainers and coaches.  Our Master Trainers have extensive experience both using and training with the PATHS® curriculum.  They also participate in on-going professional development. 


Dorothy Morelli Headshot - Trainer l PATHS® Education Worldwide

Dorothy Morelli is the CEO and lead trainer for PATHS® Education Worldwide.  She has been in the field of education for over 30 years in many different capacities.  During her tenure at Vanderbilt University, she began working with PATHS® implementation and training with students, parents, teachers, and school administrators.  Dorothy has trained teachers throughout the world in the PATHS® curriculum and has consulted with CEOs, superintendents and SEL researchers on broader SEL concepts. 

Elaine Berrena Headshot - Trainer l PATHS® Education Worldwide
Elaine Berrena has worked for over 30 years as a teacher, trainer, clinical supervisor, project coordinator, and facilitator, most recently at The Pennsylvania State University on externally funded research projects designed to improve the academic, social, and emotional outcomes of children and their families. Elaine began her affiliation with the PATHS® curriculum in 1991 as an educational consultant with the NIMH-funded FAST Track program. As a PATHS® trainer since 2000, Elaine has collaborated with teachers in school districts throughout the United States as well as in Croatia, England, and Northern Ireland. Most recently, as a clinical supervisor and trainer she is working with Doug Coatsworth and Larissa Duncan on integrating mindfulness activities into a NIDA-funded prevention program for youth and their families. She holds a Master of Education degree from Northeastern University, Boston, MA, and is the co-author of several publications.


Sandra Stewart Headshot - Trainer l PATHS® Education Worldwide
Sandra Stewart began working in the field of education in 1979 and has served in a variety of teaching roles. She began her work in prevention research at Penn State University in 1993. She has served as an Educational Coordinator in the Fast Track Project and now serves as the Clinical Supervisor for PATHS® coaches and Friendship Group Leaders on various projects. Sandra has been a PATHS® trainer since 1993 and has trained and supported teachers in numerous school districts throughout the United States as well as Winnipeg, Canada, Norwich, England and is currently working on PATHS® Plus in the UK, specifically in Belfast, London, Scotland and Wales.



Susan Gibson has extensive and varied experience working with children with behavioural, social, academic and trauma-based challenges, educational systems, and  families involved with Child Protection Services.   Susan is the PATHS® trainer affiliated with Fast Track Calgary, overseeing this program’s operations for over 13 years.  Susan is involved with the Canadian Mental Health Association, Nova Scotia research program SEAK (Socially Emotionally Aware Kids), providing PATHS® training and consultation to multiple elementary school sites in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, as well as Edmonton and Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  She has also provided training for elementary school staff in the UK.  Susan has trained and supported staff with the PATHS® curriculum in various child-centred organizations including daycare and preschool sites, specialized school settings, afterschool programs, and family support centres. 




Anna Sims Headshot - Trainer l PATHS® Education Worldwide
Anna Sims is a PATHS® trainer and coach based in Norfolk, England. She manages the Norfolk PATHS® programme, supporting schools to set up the PATHS® curriculum, monitors their progress and shares good practice. She co-ordinates and delivers PATHS® training in Norfolk but also delivers training in other areas of England. Anna was a primary school teacher for 11 years in Norwich, Norfolk. However for the last 10 years she has worked as a Healthy Schools Trainer promoting emotional and physical health in primary schools in Norfolk, leading on Personal Social Health Education (PSHE) and Drug Education. Anna co-led the National PSHE Certification (PSHE CPD) programme in Norfolk, training and supporting both teachers and school nurses. She has written a teaching resource to support Drug Education whichs is used in Norfolk primary schools. She also co-wrote “Stepping Up” which supports the transition from primary to high school and “Two Way Talk” which provides activities to help parents/carers talk to their children about PSHE issues.


Mairead Ewart has worked in the Education sector for over 10 years, as a teacher, a coach and a trainer. Mairead began her career as a Secondary School teacher, teaching Religious Studies, English, Personal, Social and Moral Education, and Citizenship Studies for 6 years. She then moved to Barnardo's, the Children's Charity, where she was employed as a Coach for the PATHS® Curriculum in Northern Ireland. Mairead was also involved in anglicizing the PATHS® Programme to make it culturally suitable for a UK audience. She is currently involved in managing the wide-scale implementation of PATHS® Plus across 4 sites in the UK. As Senior Programme Coordinator for both the PATHS® and PATHS® Plus programme, Mairead is responsible for managing a team of Coaches and Friendship Group workers, training teachers across all 4 sites in the UK, and overseeing the day-to-day implementation of the programme.


Master Trainer/Technology Specialist


Kim Williams Headshot - Trainer l PATHS® Education WorldwideKim Williams has been working in the field of education implementing prevention programming since 2001.  Her work began with the PATHS® team began as a coordinator of a PATHS® implementation in Pennsylvania.  She spent several years as a Prevention Coordinator for the EPISCenter at Penn State University supporting large scale statewide evidence-based program implementation.  Kim is currently a Strategy Development Specialist, for Aperture Education, a company whose mission is to ensure that all members of school and out of school time communities, both children and adults, have the social and emotional skills to be successful, productive, and happy.  Kim also owns her own SEL consulting company and strives to support SEL through evidence-based training and support. Additionally, Kim has grant writing, management, administration, and review experience and has extensive experience in the non-profit sector as well. 

As a PATHS® trainer since 2005, Kim has conducted workshops in the numerous US states and internationally in the Canada, United Kingdom, and China. Kim is a technology specialist with PATHS® Education Worldwide in addition to being a master trainer.  As technology specialist, Kim supports the technological aspects of the training process, maintains website support, and helps to brand training materials.