Norfolk, UK


In 2013, 15 new schools in Norfolk, U.K. began implementing the PATHS® program.  That brings the total number of schools using the PATHS® program to over 70! We are proud of such dedication and growth for social and emotional learning in the U.K.  

Schools in Britain have been asked to show how they address British Values with their pupils. We are pleased to say that we feel schools delivering the PATHS® program with fidelity are also promoting the British Values of democracy, rule of law, individual liberty, mutual respect and tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs. Alice, one of our PATHS® coaches,  has helped schools provide evidence of this by highlighting British values on an overview of the PATHS® program.  

Norfolk PATHS® Team:  PATHS® Coach Anna Sims   PATHS® Coach Alice Ndiaye 

Impact of the PATHS® program on children in Norfolk

In September and October 2013, 15 additional schools began implementation of the PATHS® program.  This brings the total number of PATHS® schools in Norfolk to 70 reaching approximately 11,200 pupils.  

Click here to read the full evaluation report for the progress of approximately 1684 pupils (aged 5-11 years) from 12 schools over a 10 month period.  (September 2013-June 2014). Here are a few snippets from the summary of the report:  
Impact of the PATHS® program within 10 months  

  • 15% to 21% improvement in Social and Emotional Competence
  • 16% to 20% improvement in Pro-Social Skills
  • 14% improvement in Concentration and Attention 

    What children think.. 
  • "Stopping helps you to think before you act....we use our problem solving." 
  • "We all talk and play together better.... helps us think about others." 
  • "PATHS® helps us to calm down...." 

    Views from school staff 
  • "Raises self-esteem and helps children to learn to identify strengths." 
  • "Class is a calmer place - children can refer to PATHS® strategies."
  •  "The biggest impact has been the use of calming down strategies on the playground particularly. Behaviour on the playground has improved this year with a noticeable reduction in the number of incidents." 
  • "Offers a constructive and structured system which is secure and shared." Midday Supervisor   

    Responses from parents and carers 
  • "Confidence has improved for sure ......she can voice how she is feeling. "
  • "Yes my son is recognising different feelings and is more able to calm himself and communicate the problem now." 
  • "I like this as a programme and have found it very beneficial to us as a family." 

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Y 2  Lesson 40 Proud / ashamed 

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Y5 Lesson  22 Joining in with others

Spontaneous Compliments - Mulbarton Infant School

Mulbarton Infant had been delivering PATHS for a month when a situation was observed by a member of staff during a music lesson. A boy became very upset at the prospect of an after school football club.  However two other boys came to the rescue and spontaneously started to compliment him on his ability as a footballer. This helped him to feel happier about playing football after school.  On another occasion a very quiet child who doesn’t normally speak at school was overheard giving a spontaneous compliment to another child.

Sharing Compliments - Morley Primary School  

Kate has created colourful compliment sheets and compliment scrapbooks to encourage teachers to present the sheets as nicely as possible. She hopes that these will become something that pupils and parents look to when children are in need of a boost.