Elementary School Findings

PATHS® Elementary School Curriculum: Impact on Students

In rigorous, randomized clinical studies, the PATHS® curriculum has been shown to:

Reduce Aggressive Behavior (both regular and special needs students)

  • Teachers’ reports of students aggressive behavior decreases by 32% and sustain across two grade levels
  • Improves students’ ability to tolerate frustration
  • Peers rate boys in PATHS® curriculum classrooms as less aggressive and disruptive in Grades 1 through 3

Improve Self-Regulation

  • Teachers’ report of students increase their self-control by 36%
  • Teachers’ report lower rates of hyperactivity and inattention
  • Teachers’ report significant and sustained improvements in behavior in the classroom over two years

Improve Academic Engagement and Executive Functions

  • Increase students’ scores on cognitive skills tests by 20%
  • Significantly increases students Inhibitory Control (Stroop Test)
  • Significantly increase teachers’ reports of improved  academic engagement

Build Social and Emotional Skills

  • Increase students’ vocabulary for emotions by 68%
  • Improves plus their ability to use effective conflict-resolution strategies
  • Decreases the % of aggressive/violent solutions to social problems
  • Reduce depression and sadness among students at risk