Celebrating 40 PATHS® Schools in Northern Ireland!

November 7, 2018

In October, the Barnardo’s PATHS® UK team hosted two very successful events where they celebrated the success of 40 schools in Northern Ireland who implemented The PATHS® Programme for Schools (UK Version) between 2014-2018. Over the four years the Barnardo’s team trained 555 teachers with support and assistance from PATHS® Education Worldwide approved trainers. The 40 schools also received ongoing technical assistance to support the implementation of the programme from their PATHS® Coaches, Gail Irwin, Lindsay McSparron, Martina Luiten and Whitney Quinn. This support included 1:1 support, in-class support, cluster meetings, measurement and feedback, whole-school training and additional support. Throughout the 4 years the programme reached 12,270 individual pupils.

During the events all 40 schools were awarded with a certificate highlighting their participation in the programme. The team also awarded 12 new schools with their ‘PATHS® Model School’ award, and had a special video from Mark Greenberg (developer of the PATHS® Curriculum) and Dorothy Morelli (CEO of PATHS® Education Worldwide) acknowledging the dedication of these schools. The highlight for the PATHS® team was when 6 of the schools showcased their PATHS® journey in a variety of ways from drama to music to stories. It was lovely to hear firsthand how PATHS® has made an impact to the children.  Finally - the events couldn’t have gone by without a visit from one of our favourite PATHS® characters - Twiggle!! How amazing that Twiggle made it all the way to Northern Ireland.  If we’re all lucky, he might make a return visit in time for the next International Conference which will take place in Northern Ireland in June 2019.

We’d like to once again congratulate all 40 schools and thank them for their continued support of PATHS® and Barnardo’s.

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