PATHS® Curriculum - Countering The Damage of Growing Up in a Fractured Community

July 24, 2013

Children and young people living in communities fractured by social, religious, and cultural intolerance and sectarianism are at risk of failing to develop the social-emotional competencies necessary for good emotional health, positive relationships, and personal and academic achievement. A new research paper, published in the Cypriot Journal of Educational Sciences, outlines positive findings from the PATHS® Curriculum for social-emotional learning (SEL). The PATHS® Curriculum was adapted for Northern Ireland by focusing not only on fostering pro-social behavior, but also developing mutual respect and understanding among children of different cultural backgrounds in Northern Ireland. The authors conducted a randomized control evaluation of the program between 2008 and 2011, involving 1,430 children. Findings are reported from data obtained through individual student assessments of social-emotional skills and from interviews with school principals, teachers, and students. The authors suggest the findings demonstrate the potential of SEL as a vehicle for children from fractured communities to achieve personal and academic success.

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