A Dispatch from Shanghai

April 21, 2017

LearnSEL and Ms. Qin YIN

It is a great pleasure for us to share LearnSEL's experiences of promoting PATHS® in China. LearnSEL was founded by Ms. Qin YIN who has a passion to provide meaningful toys and educations to children in China. Before founding LearnSEL, Qin had a company to make and sell dolls to Chinese girls. She wanted to encourage girls to develop caring, sharing and nurturing characters. As she observed that children in China need more education and guidance about emotions and social behaviors, she did research and believed that the concepts of SEL fit the needs. Further research led her to PATHS®, the best evidence supported SEL curriculum.

In 2013 LearnSEL licensed PATHS® distribution rights in the Greater China area from the Channing-Bete company. After almost two year's translation and adaption, LearnSEL launched the Chinese version PATHS® in 2015. SEL was a new concept to Chinese schools. The start was not easy. Schools and teachers cautiously looked at LearnSEL's introductory materials about SEL and PATHS®, though they agreed that schools in China need the concepts of SEL. With LearnSEL's persistent efforts, 20 kindergartens and 6 primary schools in Minhang, Putuo, and Xuhui District in Shanghai agreed to have pilot PATHS® programs in 2015. 3100 students were benefited from the wonderful PATHS® curriculum. In 2016, 10 more kindergartens were signing up. Together with the previous schools, the new signup will increase the number of students receiving the PATHS® curriculum in Shanghai to 7500.


Kim Williams Delivers Training 

PATHS® trainers from PEW traveled from United States to China to support the implementation of the PATHS® curriculum. Ms. Kim Williams arrived in Shanghai twice in 2016 to deliver the classic 2-day trainings to more than 60 teachers. She also gave a presentation on the recent findings about PATHS® and SEL to all the head teachers in Putuo district at a district-wide PATHS® promotion conference. The deputy director of Putuo Education Bureau, Mr. Qu Zhijun, attended the conference. Prior to that, Ms. Susan Gibson came and delivered a two-day training as well. That was the first time that SEL trainer officially introduced PATHS® to Chinese schools. As the need is growing, we anticipate that a China-based trainer will be trained for future expansion. 


Sharing SEL in China

Now LearnSEL has 10 staffs doing PATHS® promotion and in-school coaching. The wonderful staffs are child loving professional educators. They share the same passion about SEL as Qin has. As the student base increases, many academic research and assessment are planned to examine the responses of Chinese kids to PATHS®, to identify the unique characteristics, if any, of Chinese children with respect to SEL. We are excited that China is now part of PATHS® family. We look forward to more collaborations and sharing our findings with PATHS® family worldwide.


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