A Season of Kindness-February Newsletter

February 14, 2017

Compliments as Kindness

Many people around the world recognize Valentine's Day as a special time to tell others how loved they are and express appreciation.  Our colleagues in the UK began this process early during Compliments Day.  This was a day that PATHS® schools really took giving compliments to a higher level.  Please enjoy the photographs and examples of what some schools did with the National Compliment Day.

St. Catherine's Primary School

P7 pupils from St Catherine's Primary School helped spread the word of National Compliment Day when on a trip to Belfast City Airport and W5. They received compliments from staff at W5 and flight crew of Flybe. 

Holy Family Primary School Omagh

National Compliment Day display in Year 6 Holy Family P.S. We talked about what a compliment was and how it made us feel when we receive a compliment. We brainstormed positive adjectives to compliment others and wrote them on post its for display. We also discussed other ways to give a compliment, e.g. I like your new shoes, you're really good at running, you're very kind to others, etc. Each child chose a lollipop stick with another pupil's names on it and gave that person a compliment. Then the teacher also gave that child a compliment. The children went home with their compliments and gave a person at home a compliment too!  :)
They loved the activity and everyone left school feeling great!

Termoncanice Primary School

Primary Six pupils in Miss Toner's class tried something a little different for National Complimenting Day, getting in touch with their creative side and changing the format of complimenting for Pupil of the Day. 

St. Canice's Primary School

Staff in St. Canice's have decided to extend complimenting outside of the classroom to include a Staff Shout Out board. An opportunity for the adults in school to show appreciation for one another and good modelling for the children. 

St. Catherine's

Class display at St. Catherine's Primary School.

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