Effects of Head Start REDI on Children's Outcomes One Year Later

August 23, 2013

Published on EDUCATION WEEK, May 22, 2013 — When Head Start programs used a broad curriculum that emphasizes both academics and social awareness over academics alone, pupils outperformed their fellow Head Start alumni in kindergarten, a new study finds.

The study looked at 356 Pennsylvania children whose preschool teachers had used the REDI curriculum – otherwise known as the Research-based, Developmentally Informed Intervention Program – funded by the federal Interagency School Readiness Consortium. A central component of REDI is the use of the PATHS® curriculum as well a pre-reading, literacy program that was integrated with the PATHS® curriculum.The researchers found that the children in the REDI classrooms could better decode words, were more engaged in learning, more competent in solving social problems, and less aggressive than their peers whose teachers had used traditional curricula that aimed to impart specific knowledge.

REDI Kindergarten Outcome article on the study was published in May 2013 in the journal Child Development.

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