Holiday wishes from A-Z!

December 7, 2014


Feelings before dismissal for the holidays are very strong. Some children are very excited and some are very anxious. It is helpful for us to remember that children may have both comfortable and uncomfortable feelings about the upcoming holidays. Some may be excited to spend time with family and friends and some may be nervous about leaving the structure of school.  Of course, there will be all sorts of feelings in between! Their feelings can impact their behavior at school and now is a great time to reinforce with them strategies that will build their confidence in managing their emotions. 

Here are some tips for supporting students during holiday breaks from school: 
  • Repeatedly practice calming down strategies with students and encourage them to practice them at home. 
  • Model, model, model on a regular basis for your students by sharing feelings and calming down strategies regularly.
  • Remind children to help teach their parents their calming down strategies. Send home a reminder about Turtle, 3 Steps for Calming Down, and the Control Signals that parents can use at home.
  • Send home the clings from your kit if you haven't sent them home yet.  Each grade level has a specific cling to teach families about key concepts.


A - amazing adventures

B - bountiful health

C - contentment and compassion

D - daring to do something different

E - energy throughout the year

F - friendship and fun

G - gratitude in all you do

H - happiness and health

I - inspiration 

J - joy

K - kindness

L - love

M - memories that make you smile

N - nurturing attitude

O - optimism

P - patience

Q - quiet time to reflect

R - rest

S - sleep!

T- time to relax

U - ultimate 2015

V - vision to "see" what needs to be seen

W - wonderment like that of a child 

X - "x"-tra special time with family and friends

Y- you get a "free" day just for you

Z- zest to fulfill a dream

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