Almost Back to School Time! Are you ready for PATHS®?

August 3, 2014

Timely tips for starting your PATHS® program this year

Be ready for school to start and have your classroom ready by remembering these few things:
  • Save room for your posters!  Depending on the grade level you teach, you may have feelings charts, do turtle or 3 steps for calming down, control signals, 11 step problem solving, and the H.E.Y. poster to display and use in your classroom.
  • Take some time to think about where teaching the PATHS® program will fit into your schedule.  Is it best first thing in the morning?  Or perhaps after your class comes in from recess? 
  • Make sure to do PATHS® Kid/Pupil of the day every day. 
  • Remember to model PATHS® concepts throughout the school day. 

Here are 10 key ideas to remember and reinforce as you start the new school year:  

1. When we are upset, it is important to calm down so we can think! 
2. Sometimes talking to ourselves can help us calm down. 
3. Feelings are very important signals. They give us important information if we pay attention to them. 
4. All feelings are OK to have. Some feelings are Comfortable and some feelings are Uncomfortable. 
5. Feelings are different from behaviors. All feelings are OK to have. But, some behaviors are OK and some are not OK. 
6. Sometimes people want to keep their feelings private. Other times it really helps to tell someone how you are feeling. 
7. It's important to think about how everybody feels in a situation. 
8. When we have a problem, we need to think of lots of solutions. 
9. When we try to solve a problem, we should think about what might happen next. That way, we can pick the best solution. 
10. Learning to be good problem-solvers is fun! It makes us feel strong and smart when we try to solve our problems!

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