Innovative new app to help track your emotions!

June 24, 2014

It is a common experience that emotions play a critical role in our lives, define the quality of our personal experience and limit or increase our potential. 

The importance of combining traditional education that develops cognitive and technical skills and education that deals with social and emotional skills is now universally acknowledged, both in the more strictly pedagogical and political fields and the economic sector. In fact, Daniel Goleman’s article What makes a Leader? , published in the Harvard Business Review in 1998, is the most frequently downloaded article from that journal. 

Neuropsychological studies conducted by Richard Davidson, professor of Psychology at the University of Wisconsin- Madison, have recently confirmed the need for a better understanding of our emotional life. (watch video

Our APP for Apple and Android, allows you to keep regular track of your emotional state and to write down what conditions led to the perception of a specific emotion. In addition to making a valuable contribution to young people’s and adults’ knowledge about themselves, the APP is also an innovative tool that is used in the social-emotional education classes offered by our university.

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