PATHS® Curriculum and Training Information for Grants

Thank you for considering the Promoting Alternative THinking Strategies (PATHS®) program and PATHS® Education Worldwide to meet your needs for an evidence-based social and emotional learning program! The PATHS® program is the most evidence-based SEL program in the world! 

PATHS® Education Worldwide is the training organization for the PATHS® program.  You will find the following documents and pages helpful in learning more about the expert training and consultation from PATHS® Education Worldwide.  Please feel free to explore our website and contact us with questions or for more information.  

Sample agenda for PATHS® program professional development training days.
PATHS® program logic model will explain all the facets of the program including the program components, modalities, targeted risk and protective factors as well as long and short term outcomes. 

Dorothy Morelli : or 615-364-6606
Suzanne Key: or 270-302-3008

Here is a link to Channing Bete's website that will give you all the PATHS® program information you need to know:   Channing Bete Company, PATHS® Program
Channing Bete is the publisher of the program and PATHS® Education Worldwide is the expert training organization that provides professional develpment and consultation for implementation.  

There are videos explaining everything you need to know about the program here: