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Innovations and Next Steps
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"Should social and emotional learning
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 PATHS and More: Adding an
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Strategies to Promote Social and
Emotional Learning: What Does
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McCormick Elementary Video

Presentations from the 2016 PATHS® International Conference in Chicago, Illinois

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New Research Findings with PATHS

Moderator: Mark Greenberg

Beyond the Obvious: Proximal and Distal Effects of the PATHS® Program on Children
Sophie Jacques, Jean Hughes, Noriyeh Rahbari & Amanda Hudson
Department of Psychology & School of Nursing, Dalhousie University, Halifax, CA

Cost-Benefit Analysis of the PATHS® Program in Canada
Jean Hughes, Sophie Jacques, & Ian Munroe
Dalhousie University

Monitoring the Growth of Youth Protective Factors in Response to a district-wide implementation of PATHS®"
Jennifer Fleming
Devereux Center for Resilient Children, Villanova, PA

Working with Special Needs Student

Moderator: Howard Rosen

PATHS® for Pupils with Special Education Needs

Tim Souster & Lindsay McSparron PATHS® Programme Coordinators, Barnardos, Northern Ireland

Leading PATHS® Groups in Mental Health Settings
Christopher Leucht, Ph.D.
Program Director, Birth to Five Program

Pacific Clinics, Pasadena, California


Large Scale Implementation in Districts/Cities

Moderator: Susan Gibson

Going to Scale in Cleveland: Issues and Findings on Implementation

Joe Gerics and Bill Stencil, HumanWare, Cleveland Metropolitan School District

Developing PATHS®, Birmingham’s secrets to success
Anna Bateman
Education Consultant
Birmingham, UK

"Monitoring Implementation of the PATHS® Curriculum: Lessons from a District-Wide Social Emotional Learning Initiative

Jennifer Fleming
Devereux Center for Resilient Children, Villanova, PA

New Research on Preschool PATHS® and SEL Assessment

Moderator: Julie Gest

Practical Assessment of Social-Emotional Skills 

Nicole Russo-Ponsaran, Rush NeuroBehavioral Center, Rush University Medical Center

Power PATH: Preliminary outcomes of integrated classroom and parent PATHS® lessons in Head Start preschools

Caroline Boxmeyer
Associate Professor
The University of Alabama
Earnest Palmer
Director, Head Start
Community Service Programs of West Alabama


Implementing PATHS® as part of a Schoolwide Approach to SEL in the Chicago Public Schools

Moderator: Dorothy Morelli

Duncan Meyers, CASEL, Senior Research Associate

Celene Domitrovich, CASEL, Vice President of Research

Dorothy Morelli and Alison Rosen, PATHS® Education Worldwide

Andrea McClure, Mary Lyon School

Tracey Olson-Martinez, George Rogers Clark

Nilufar Rezai, Cyrus H. McCormick
Heather Schwartz; SEL coach
Kathy Singleton; SEL coach

Discussant:  Melissa Schlinger

CASEL. Vice President of Programs and Practice

Using PATHS® in Mental Health and Special School Settings

Moderator: Elaine Berrena

Applying PATHS® to Contexts of Violence and Safety

Howard S. Rosen, President, Hempfield Behavioral Health, Harrisburg, PA

Educating Children Who Come From a Trauma Environment

Joe Gerics, HumanWare, Cleveland Metropolitan School District

PATHS® and its Positive Effects on Afterschool Programs

Travis Johnson, Research & Evaluation Manager
Meg Wallace, Assistant Director of Programs Services

Children's Services Council of Broward 

Using Class Meetings to develop, practice, and enjoy our social and emotional competencies

Moderator: Kim Williams

Judy Nuss, Educational Consultant, CASEL

CPS Morning Meeting

CPS Classrrom Circle

CPS Ring Book

Workshop: Preschool PATHS®: Supporting a hybrid model of online and face to face training with the REDI BKC model

Moderator: Melissa Tomascik

Julie Gest, Intervention Specialist, Penn State Univ.

Coaching: A Great Way to Create PATHS® Sustainability

Moderator: Alison Rosen

Coaching Across the UK: PATHS® Plus

Mairead Ewart, Senior Programme Coordinator for,Barnardos, Northern Ireland

Elaine Berrena, Intervention Specialist, Penn State Univ.

A Framework for Coaching: Talking Turkey with Teachers

Susan Gibson & Dorothy Morelli, Hull Services, Calgary, Alberta, PATHS® Education Worldwide

"Using the Mini-DESSA to Guide Implementation of the PATHS® Program as Part of a Community Revitalization Effort"

Kim Williams, Masa Mochizuki, and Raul Garcia, Frameworks of Tampa, FL

Workshop: PATHS® Concepts in a Tier II program

Moderator: Chris Leucht

Sandra Stewart, Intervention Specialist, Penn State Univ.



Presentations from the 2015 PATHS® International Conference in Lisbon, Portugal

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Effectiveness of Preschool PATHS® Curriculum for Pakistani Children

PATHS to Teach Children with Autism About Emotions and Emotional Regulation: Challenges and Opportunities in Implementation

Beyond the Life of a Shanty-town

Family Learning in PATHS® Schools, Norfolk, UK

Teacher Innovation and Implementation in Swedish Effectiveness Trial of Preschool PATHS® Program

PATHS® to Success:  Findings of a Major Randomised Trial in Manchester, England

Integrating the PATHS® Curriculum Throughout the School Day

The First Italian Experience:  PATHS® Curriculum Implementation in Schools

School Monitoring

Continuation of PATHS® Curriculum in Croatian Schools

Creative Ideas for Integrating the PATHS® Curriculum in Cross-Curricular Lessons

Adapt but Adhere:  Cultural Adaptations in a UK context

Whole School Vision for EHWB and SEL 

Keynote Presentations from the 2014 PATHS® International Conference

Advances in Social and Emotional Learning:
Research, Practice, and Policy by Roger Weissberg, Chief Knowledge Officer, Collaborative for Academic, Social and Emotional Learning

Promoting Social and Emotional Development:  
Using PATHS® in the Preschool Years, Findings from Headstart, REDI by Celene Domitrovich

Other Resources and Presentations from the 2014 PATHS® International Conference

Past Conferences

2014 PATHS® International Conference
Date: May 15 & 16, 2014
Location: Cleveland Marriott Hotel, Key Center
127 Public Square
Cleveland, OH 41144

PATHS® International Learning Conference
Date: July 3rd, 2013
Location: Faculty of Teacher Education,
Savska cesta 77, 10 000 Zagreb

View Event Agenda and Powerpoint Presentations: 8th PATHS® Intl Learning Conf. Agenda – Zagreb – July 3, 2013
View Event Brochure: HR PATHS® Conference Brochure