PATHS in Cleveland

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The Cleveland Metro Schools use the PATHS® curriculum as part of their Humanware Department. Here are some great videos demonstrating how PATHS® works in schools in Cleveland:           For more on social emotional learning in schools and the PATHS® curriculum, follow @PATHS4Kids  

Focus on SEL Leads to Calm Cleveland Schools

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The April edition of Urban Educator features Cleveland Metro Schools and their focus on social and emotional learning through use of the PATHS® curriculum: The Cleveland Metropolitan School District is taking disruption out of the classroom by teaching children to control their emotions, starting in the earliest grades. Specifically, the article noted: “Social and emotional… Read more »


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Recently, our team visited Shanghai and learned more about how the PATHS® curriculum is being implemented there. Here are some pictures from our visit.           For more on social and emotional learning and the PATHS® curriculum, follow @PATHS4Kids

Classroom Management Interventions Matter

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A new meta-analysis featured on Robert Slavin’s blog noted that the PATHS® curriculum is among the interventions that improved academic outcomes. Specifically: Published in the Review of Educational Research, the study included 54 classroom management interventions in 47 studies published between 2003 and 2013. It included some interventions that had been evaluated several times (including… Read more »