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It started with Glazed and Infused Coffee and Donuts and the day just kept getting better!


Day 2 Donuts

PATHS® trainers, teachers, and school leaders heard from Roger Weissberg and Mark Greenberg about the evolution of social and emotional learning over 40 years. Greenberg spoke about the need to communicate in policy-maker friendly terms — looking at outcomes and how an emphasis on social and emotional learning impacts the bottom line. He even pointed to research suggesting that every dollar invested in PATHS® yields $15 or more in tangible long-term benefits.





Attendees saw the presentation of Model School awards and heard from teachers and leaders about what makes PATHS® work in their schools.


Model School

Presentations included a principal’s roundtable focused on how to implement PATHS® successfully at the building level.

Principals RTable


Today was a day of learning, sharing, and growing our understanding of social and emotional learning.


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