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A new study from the Washington State Institute for Public Policy shows that for every one dollar invested in PATHS®, policymakers can expect $15.66 in benefits.

The study examined implementation of the PATHS® curriculum and its impact on student test score performance over time. Based on the results and existing data related to student tests scores and future labor market success, researchers determined that for a relatively small investment ($354 over three years), individuals and society would see more than $5000 in benefits. That works out to more than $15 in net benefits for every $1 invested in PATHS®.


Here’s a summary of the findings:

Program benefits Summary statistics
Participants $2,988 Benefit to cost ratio $15.66
Taxpayers $1,269 Benefits minus costs $5,189
Other (1) $1,466 Probability of a positive net present value 63 %
Other (2) ($180)
Total $5,543
Costs ($354)
Benefits minus cost $5,189





And here’s some detail on where the social benefits accrue:


Source of benefits Benefits to
Participants Taxpayers Other (1) Other (2) Total
From primary participant
Crime $0 ($1) ($2) $0 ($4)
Labor market earnings (test scores) $2,990 $1,275 $1,476 $0 $5,741
Health care (disruptive behavior disorder) ($2) ($6) ($7) ($3) ($18)
Adjustment for deadweight cost of program $0 $0 $0 ($177) ($177)
Totals $2,988 $1,269 $1,466 ($180) $5,543





Schools in Cleveland and Colorado are among those seeing results from using the PATHS® curriculum:


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