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From Wales Online:


Pupils at six Bridgend county primary schools have improved their behavior and learnt how to be nicer to each other thanks to an innovative programme delivered by Barnardo’s, the UK’s largest children’s charity.

The youngsters, and others from primary schools in Rhondda Cynon Taf and Swansea, have been taught how to recognise their emotions and handle them better, look after children who look sad or lonely in the playground and feel more positive about themselves.

Teachers say they have seen a dramatic difference in children’s behaviour thanks to PATHS Plus, which promotes social emotional learning.

The program is getting results:

Julie Thomas, headteacher of Garth Primary, said: “We implemented PATHS plus across the whole school. Behaviour and the children’s attitude to solving their own problems has definitely improved.


Read more on this story of how the PATHS® curriculum is making an impact in schools around the world.


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Students at Pittston Area Primary Center use the PATHS® curriculum as well as lessons from Carrie Flower, a character created by local author Cynthia Post.

PA Homepage reports:

The play “Carrie Flower” made its debut at the Intermediate Center with help from some actors and actresses from the Kiss theater in Wilkes-Barre.
The play has some powerful messages for students, including accepting others for who they are and being kind.
Juliet Biscotti stars as Carrie Flower.
“A lot of people get bullied, I’ve been bullied once. I think there is always a solution.” Said Biscotti


The Carrie Flower lessons focus on the critical social and emotional learning that helps children grow and make wise choices. The lessons dovetail with the PATHS® curriculum to create an integrated approach to SEL in Pittston.





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The Sawyerville-Hale County Head Start Program was recognized as a PATHS® Model School at the recent PATHS® International Conference in Chicago.

Here’s the press release they sent about the honor:

A Head Start program in Hale County has received recognition from a national organization. 

At the 12th International PATHS® Conference, held in Chicago, Illinois, May 5-7, 2016, Sawyerville Hale County Head Start, a division of Community Service Programs of West Alabama (CSP), Inc., was recognized as a PATHS® Model School.

The PATHS® curriculum promotes social and emotional competencies by reducing aggression and behavior problems in preschool through elementary school-aged children, while simultaneously enhancing the educational process in the classroom. This curriculum is designed to be used by educators and counselors in a multiyear, universal prevention model. Although primarily focused on the school and classroom settings, information, materials, and activities are also included for use with parents.

Several faculty members at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa received a grant from the Administration for Children and Families, a division of the U.S. Department of   Health and Human Services.   The award involved training Head Start teachers in six Alabama counties, to implement the Preschool PATHS Social Emotional Curriculum in Head Start classrooms for the past two years. The collaborating UA faculty included Dr. Caroline Boxmeyer, Associate Professor of Psychiatry, Dr. Ansley Gilpin, Assistant Professor of Psychology, and Dr. Jason DeCaro, Associate Professor of Anthropology.

The PATHS® model school recognition is an important international honor.  It designates the Sawyerville Head Start center as one of a select number of site locations that educators from the United States and other countries can visit to learn about the effective implementation of   this innovative curriculum.  According to Cynthia W. Burton, CSP Executive Director, “This recognition further enhances CSP’s attainment of excellence in education for our children.  We are particularly proud that one of our Black Belt centers was the first Alabama Head Start program to achieve this national recognition.”

Community Service Programs of West Alabama, Inc. is a private, nonprofit, community action agency, created by the Economic Opportunity Act of 1964. The organization’s mission is to provide resources and services which resolve immediate needs and lead to long-term self-sufficiency for low-income and vulnerable populations. The agency uses public and private funding sources to develop and administer programs.  Collaborative participation with a diverse group  of organizations is a priority for the agency.


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Chicago Public Schools is crediting an emphasis on social emotional learning (SEL) using the PATHS® curriculum for reducing bullying and school violence in the city’s schools.

From ABC 7 in Chicago:

Chicago Public Schools is crediting a new program for reducing violent behavior and bullying at some schools.
Teachers emphasize “social and emotional learning” – SEL. And they say it’s making a difference.


For the last two years at least twice a week, students from kindergarten to fifth grade at the Southwest Side grade school also learn paths to being positive by promoting alternative thinking strategies. (PATHS®) The Little Village school is one of 30 CPS schools to be named an exemplary SEL school.



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Day Three of PATHSChicago2016 was the culmination of an amazing week of sharing, learning, and growing as a social/emotional learning community.

PATHS Glazed 1

Coffee from Glazed and Infused got the learning going and we continued with presentations from Karen Bierman and Celene Domitrovich as well as breakout sessions including the Cleveland Model for class meetings and learning from Mairead Ewart of Barnardo’s UK.


PATHS Karen Bierman

PATHS Celene

PATHS Cleveland

PATHS Mairead





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It started with Glazed and Infused Coffee and Donuts and the day just kept getting better!


Day 2 Donuts

PATHS® trainers, teachers, and school leaders heard from Roger Weissberg and Mark Greenberg about the evolution of social and emotional learning over 40 years. Greenberg spoke about the need to communicate in policy-maker friendly terms — looking at outcomes and how an emphasis on social and emotional learning impacts the bottom line. He even pointed to research suggesting that every dollar invested in PATHS® yields $15 or more in tangible long-term benefits.





Attendees saw the presentation of Model School awards and heard from teachers and leaders about what makes PATHS® work in their schools.


Model School

Presentations included a principal’s roundtable focused on how to implement PATHS® successfully at the building level.

Principals RTable


Today was a day of learning, sharing, and growing our understanding of social and emotional learning.


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On May 4th, visitors from across the U.S. and from Canada, China, and Bermuda toured model schools in Chicago to see the PATHS® curriculum being implemented.

At the same time, trainers received special training with Dorothy Morelli and Mark Greenberg.

Of course, the day started with coffee and donuts from Glazed and Infused!


Paths 5-4-16-1

School visits began at McCormick Elementary and included spotting the school immersed in PATHS® curriculum and teaching.


Paths 5-14-16-2

While school visits were happening across town, trainers were connecting.


Paths 5-4-16-4

The turtle poster was spotted at Azuela School.

Paths 5-4-16-5




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